WANT 2024 to be A LOT BETTER than 2023? 

Marketing Plan Creation Camp Extraordinaire

For online coaches, healers, and course creators who know they are meant for more and who want 2024 to be The Year of MORE!


December 6-8 @ 12:30 PDT – 2:30 PDT Every Day

Tired of struggling to find paying clients and new leads?

Feeling overwhelmed in your business and don’t know what to do next?

Let's make 2024 the best year ever!

The Year of MORE!

Join me for 3 Days and Create a Marketing Plan for 2024 that actually works! 

STOP THE INSANITY! Don't keep doing the same thing and get the same results! 

Get off the STUCK TRAIN and board the HIGH SPEED BULLET TRAIN for 2024!

December 6th, 7th and 8th @ 12:30-2:30PST

"The Year of MORE"

This event is specifically for online coaches, healers, and course creators who know they are meant for more and who want 2024 to be “The Year of MORE!”  

Come and get the 6 figures guaranteed blueprint - with actual Tangible Steps, Clarity, and Confidence to move forward.

Learn and implement James’ proven Marketing Techniques and Methods.

You will actually do the work to write YOUR 2024 plan in the 3 Days!

Get out of overwhelm – Work less and get better results!

Over the 3 Days, James Lam is going to lead you through:

How the right partners allow you to scale... and quickly. You need PARTNERS

How to tie this stuff together - your own list, JV partners, Stages and how one thing leads to great things! This is your CLARITY portion.

Nurture your content, grow your future - put in commitments and dates.  Learn why CONVERSION is SUCH a big deal!

Who this event is for and who this is not for:

This is for all you coaches, healers and course creators who are eager to make 2024 a stronger, more profitable year for your business!
This is not for entrepreneurs who are stuck but don’t want to INVEST 3 DAYS to learn how to transform their marketing and to move them forward into success.

So, are you ready to invest 3 Days to create a Marketing Plan and “Make 2024 The Year of MORE”?

My names is James and I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of heart centered entrepreneurs. I work hand-in-hand to guide and support these inspiring healers, coaches, authors and speakers to get their inspiring messages out into the world.

Come and join me at this event, and let’s transform YOUR business to the amazing success you know it can be.