3 Secrets to Launch

Build your 6-figure Coaching Business in 6 months or less.
(Even if you have a small list.)

July 11 - 13

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Are you an Online Coach, Online Healer or Course Creator who has a big message to tell the world?  

If you are - join me for my very first 3 Secrets to Launch Three-Day-Challenge and let me show the exact way to grow a thriving 6-figure business in just six months for free.

JULY 11 - 13

What You Will Discover

I help you to monetize your genius - and fast! 

I've had the pleasure of working with thousands of online coaches and healers, and I am going to reveal the three most powerful secrets to doing this quickly!

day 1

Learn how to grow your list with your EXACT customer avatar, and be paid to do it (without ads and even if you have a list of zero)

day 2

Learn how you 5x your marketing effectiveness AND give you back the gift of your time!

day 3

Identify the REAL reason you aren't making sales in your business with my signature workshop - The Seven Secrets of Successful Sales - that answers the questions so you can sell from any stage.

Three days of awesome content, networking and of inspiration that starts with YOU - because you do matter and we build the business around You!

Hi! I'm James

I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of heart centered entrepreneurs - healers, coaches & course creators. I work hand-in-hand to guide and support these inspiring healers, coaches, authors and speakers to get their inspiring messages out into the world.

Come and join me at this event, and let’s transform YOUR business to the amazing success you know it can be.