Do you surround yourself with people who are happy when you succeed?  

Are they genuinely happy?

I have to ask because to be honest for a long time I wasn’t and that really hurt my Entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s a tip – please take it.  Surround yourself with abundant minded people who celebrate when you celebrate, and who care when you’re down (instead of having a mini celebration).

Last week some of you know that I had some wins.  HUGE WINS!  A BUNCH OF WINS!!….and I told exactly… 1 person… my wife.

Why?  Because I was used to (in my previous Entrepreneur ventures), people who would at the surface celebrate but deep down inside I knew it really tore them up inside.  The conversation would normally go something like this:

James: “I did really well”

Business Network: “oh – well… how well did you do?”

James: “I did way better than I ever thought and am appreciative.”

Business Network: “ok, how many?”

James: “I was lucky enough to sell xyz number”

Business Network: “wow.  That’s great… (wanders off after half congratulations).

We all know those people.This time – I started slowly telling people who I met earlier this year – and one thing struck me immediately.  They were happy for me.  Not just happy, REALLY REALLY REALLY AND GENUINELY HAPPY!

The truth is that they were doing no better or worse financially than the first people I had associated with, but they DID have my best interests at heart and were ABUNDANCE MINDED.

The truth is that when we surround ourselves with abundant minded people, we celebrate wins (funny – I just wrote we celebrate wine!  Which we do – ha) and that is SO IMPORTANT when you are growing a business.  

Entrepreneurship is a series of jumps and crashes

jumps and crashes

More jumps and crashes

And when we finally land on our feet and do amazing things – ABUNDANCE MINDED people will celebrate with you and reinforce that you have done something monumental and special.  

…because it really is.

So don’t ever hide your successes.  And if you find yourself surrounded by people who bring you down or make you feel embarrassed at things you won at – they aren’t the right people for you to play large with.

Play large.  Win large.  Celebrate YOU.

We’re in this together folks. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Watch the live below!

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