Find your courage to launch your business to the world!

For Online Healers, Coaches & Course Creator

Join James Lam at his life changing 3 Day Event, and powerfully attract and convert your ideal client, and launch your message into the universe.

Do you want to grow your audience by hundreds?

Do you want opportunities to find your people?

Do you want to be able to share your message anywhere?

Courage to Launch is the only event of its kind to support you in finally getting the tools to create that sustainable business that you have been dreaming about, experience breakthroughs that have been holding you back and build strategies, systems, as well as processes that lead to a more consistent, and recurring income.

Join us for this 3-Day Event (July 17-19) where you can:

  • Set up your year the RIGHT way with stages, podcasts, summits, giveaways and speaker opportunities. 
  • Create connections with dozens of other entrepreneurs/business owners where they promote your events to their community.
  • Uncover your own Seven Secrets of Successful Sales so that you have the confidence to Sell from Any Stage.
  • Learn how to make your masterclasses convert even higher and gain more clients

Imagine being able to deliver your powerful message to thousands who need to hear it and land the right clients every time!


happening on July 17th, 18th & 19th

Here's what you get:

  • 3 Full Days of training, networking and building connections. July 17-19 from 8:30am PST – 7:00pm PST
  • 200+ people to find stages and network like a champ with meaningful activities!
  • Specific breakout room activities designed intentionally for you to find JV partners and opportunities to spread your message!
  • Coaches and team members to support you in each breakout room.
  • Workbooks, templates & checklists to keep you on track!
  • Recordings of the entire event (for those who show)


Here's what you will achieve

Increase Your Visibility - Book stages, podcasts, and summits – even if you’ve never been on one before!

Unlimited Opportunities for Free Leads – JV with 200+ people in your industry who have audiences of your ideal clients and are willing to powerfully introduce you – because you’re awesome!

The Ability to Sell from Any Stage - Six hours solid dedicated to you uncovering your own Seven Secrets of Successful Sales.

UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS – You will leave having created the right persona, mindset and mantra so you can find the courage to run with your vision – the best part? Your best is already inside of you.

Gain Clarity & Confidence – Craft YOUR best and most powerful path forward that is in flow with you!

My names is James and I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of heart centered entrepreneurs. I work hand-in-hand to guide and support these inspiring healers, coaches, authors and speakers to get their inspiring messages out into the world.

Come and join me at this event, and let’s transform YOUR business to the amazing success you know it can be.