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Wednesday, December 20

8:30AM – 7:00PM PT

General Session

thursday, December 21

8:30AM – 7:00PM PT

General Session

Friday, december 22

8:30AM - 7:00PM PT

General Session

Meet James...

James Lam is a marketing coach and the founder of Look Ahead Marketing. He has worked with hundreds of online coaches, healers, and course creators, and has helped them find successful businesses by creating their business around their unique gifts and personalities. Before starting LAM, he was in the corporate world, and then he started several companies, including a digital marketing agency.

He had some successes and some failures, which is why he knows how important it is to learn from mistakes to become successful. James was motivated to start LAM to help early stage entrepreneurs learn from what he had done right, and what he had learned and gained from mistakes, so that they could move forward on the path to success with their businesses.

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How To Get Help

Deepak is your first point of call for logistics. Having trouble finding a link, or not sure where to be and when? Contact Deepak and he'll help you find your way.

Deepak saini - Operations Manager

Christine is your second point of call for logistics for Courage to Launch. Drop her a line if you need anything, and she will point you in the right direction!

Christene sismondo - Head Coach

Guest Speakers

Carson Cooper

Carson is a Coach of coaches and creator of Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute. He helps coaches improve their ability to have their clients experience significant and immediate breakthroughs. His Institute has 16 Coaching certifications, and his coaching clients go on to create their coaching businesses and achieve steady growing revenue through referrals from happy clients. Carson is full of insights and inspiration for our Courage to Launch attendees!

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Jase Souder

Jase is a Motivational Speaker, as well as a nationally recognized speaker and trainer of public speakers. He knows how to help public speakers craft their presentations to have a powerful impact, and to successfully sell from the stage. Jase has appeared on national and local TV and radio and he’s in the inspirational movies Pass It On and The Power of Coaching and has been published in 8 books. Don’t miss his inspiring talk at Courage to Launch! 

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Jennifer Diepstraten

Jennifer is an expert on helping entrepreneurs, coaches, healers and course creators grow their revenue with her company which is called, High Ticket Sales Success. She helps her clients attract the right clients, increase their fees, and convert more sales with ease. She is the author of The High Ticket Selling Revolution which is available for free on her website

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Katherine Calhoun

Katherine is a marketing coach who helps entrepreneurs with technology.  She is well aware of how struggles with technology can frustrate and sabotage entrepreneurs, coaches, healers and course creators. She is a wiz at spotting the problems that hamper successful events, presentations and marketing efforts and untangling them for her clients. Find out how Katherine will provide amazing tips and insights to attendees at Courage to Launch! 

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