Superpowered Business System

10+ Week Course

The only training of its kind that shows you exactly how to:

  1.  Create the right product and messaging around your amazing self 
  2. Test and validate your product, earning thousands of dollars
  3. Build your entire strategy to scale your business moving forward.

Before I tell you about this life-changing program, let’s look at who this is really for

You know you have an amazing message but can’t  get the word out. 

No matter how much heart or work you pour into this business, it never makes you money.

You’re overwhelmed with what to do next and everything you try seems to fall flat.

It feels like you lose yourself in the hustle of business, and you feel like your vision isn’t shining through. 

You just can’t shake the feeling of being stuck where you are.

You’re ready for a change (preferably big, bold, and beautiful)!

By the end of this program you will...

  • Find your REAL superpower (and it’s not what you think it is).
  • Find your REAL expert message that connects with and attracts your audience — one that effortlessly brings in the best people ever.
  • Create the most amazing product transformation that’s built uniquely around the most amazing version of YOU!
  • Refine and optimize your product, with pricing that will work and messaging that will attract your ideal clients over and over again.
  • Launch a test version of your product that brings in thousands of dollars - even if you have a teeny tiny list - without joint ventures, without affiliates, without sales pages and without Facebook ads or complicated funnels.
  • Lead generation & list building completed with you
  • Marketing that is as unique as you are (DONE & on autopilot)
  • Client cultivation (DONE & on autopilot)
  • Validation & confidence: This program is about DOING. NOT just PLANNING.

After this training, you will have created your own product, tested, validated and monetized it, so you believe in it and most importantly yourself.  

You will powerfully attract your ideal client, so you focus on what you love doing most - creating something uniquely you, creating powerful change in the universe.

“What James brings to business people, in terms of helping to draw out their superpower, their mission, their desire, and how he creates a community of people is totally amazing.

As a result of what I’ve learned, I’ve created a Facebook live interview series Tuesdays and Thursdays… and it’s getting my word OUT THERE, and I can just be me.

My biggest transformation is having a clearer message of who I am, getting it out to people, and it’s effective.”

- James P.

“In the very beginning, I always felt lost in who I am. It was difficult to tell my message when I didn’t have clarity in myself.

In the course, when we did our one liners, I was able to gain clarity on my message and I stopped questioning myself. It was such a relief.

It gave me clarity not only on my message, but on the type of people I want to work with, the materials I’ll give them, and I can own it and say ‘this is how I want to go forward’.”

- Stephanie W.

“I signed up for James’ workshop because he is so present, authentic, and relatable. I feel integrated and centered in having a message. It doesn’t feel canned or spammy, and I’m excited to create these messages and let my audience know who I am...

The best thing about this course is the community, the people who show up to share their brilliant ideas and support, and (just in the same way I get so much value from Jay Fiset’s community) that tone comes from the top and James has created this space where we can all show up and be present and open and support each other.”

- Susi V.

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What's Inside

During this 10+ week, 7 Module Course, starting on April 23rd, we will be testing, validating and monetizing your product, so you believe in it and most importantly yourself.  We will find your superpower and craft your ideal messaging. Your product will be bringing you MONEY and your marketing will be ready to launch on autopilot. 

The Superpowered Business System Course is the ONE program you absolutely need to step out of your marketing and business frustrations, and into a world where work feels easy and fun because it’s about YOU first.

YOUR Unique Product

We’re going to be finding YOUR own unique product, one that reflects your gifts, talents and experiences. We figure out both your initial product and also your upsell product so you can live at the intersection of awesome and expectation.

Converting Offer, Structure & Pricing

Create the most saleable product.  This is one of the BEST things about the program. We create your offer, how to structure the ask, and the right price to make sure that you’re on the right path.

Conversion Strategy, Content & Outline

Find the RIGHT conversion strategy to take cold leads and turn them into customers. We will also cover your top three talking points and main argument so that you can begin the conversion process on any stage, podcast, summit or other event.

Connect, Inspire & Guide Your Audience

Learn how to truly cultivate an audience that already loves you through email, social and other means.  Connect, inspire and guide your audience to powerful changes.

Magnetizing Your Lead Magnet

Combined with a bonus workshop (more details below!) you will finally nail what your simple and irresistible lead magnet actually is.

How To Be Memorable

A great welcome series that we craft together delivered after the lead magnet, is going to make all the difference to be remembered together with what you do.

Courageous Start Program

One of James’ signature awesome exercises. Courageous Start is James’ signature secret where we go and begin to take orders for your product with real paying customers within 3 months with no sales page, no funnels, no ads. 

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8 payments of:


When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll get…

  • The complete Superpowered Business System Course (10+ weeks starting April 23rd, 8:30am Pacific Time)
  • 7 modules from finding your superpower, to getting your superpowered message into the world.
  • ***LIVE COACHING*** with James, coach Christene and team.
  • Lifetime access to recorded sessions with BONUS prerecorded step-by-step videos, PDF Guides, swipe files and templates.
  • Dedicated, exclusive, and supportive community - FULL of people who are there to help you and support you to YOUR SUCCESS.

$5000+ VALUE

PLUS these bonuses to help you generate unstoppable momentum in your business development…


The Product Lab is designed to help you FINALLY create an unique product designed around your genius that is unwaveringly easy to talk about, package, promote and sell!

$997 Value

Bonus #2: Leading Lead Magnet Magnetizing Workshop - 4 Hour Workshop

One of our most exciting bonuses a powerful CREATING LEAD MAGNETS Workshop! We will focus specifically on the foundation of all list building - lead magnets. This will give you an extra boost in developing the best possible lead generation for your ideal client EVER.

$497 Value

Bonus #3: Courage To Launch: 3 Day Event VIP Tickets

Courage To Launch is the only 3-day event of its kind for online healers & heart-centered entrepreneurs that shows you exactly how to create and achieve the most courageous vision for your journey over next 12 months. Inside you will find simple clarity on how to powerfully scale your business, create the right heart and mindset for this powerful change and build the right community to move it forward.

After these 3-days, you will reset what is possible and what is right in front of you to make 2024 truly YOUR BIG LEAP year. July 17-19 2024. 

$1997 Value

Fast Acting Bonus #4: 30 Minute POWER UP 1:1 Call with a Coach

Receive a 30 minute POWER UP 1:1 Call with a Team Lam coach when you leave a deposit or pay in full during the workshop.

$1500+ Value

TOTAL VALUE: $5000+!!

And it’s all yours for a one time special payment of only $697

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8 payments of:


Plus, you’re backed by Risk-Free 7 Day Guarantee…

If you aren’t satisfied with this program after seven days, I will give you a full refund!

This will be enough time to show you exactly what you’re capable of and what your marketing can do FOR YOU.


Burning Q’s your fellow entrepreneurs asked before signing up…

When does the Course start?

The Course starts on April 23rd, at 8:30am Pacific Time.

What happens if I can’t make all of it??

No problem! The learning sessions are recorded, and you will have lifetime access to the recordings. Having said that, to the best of your ability, attend live and be present. Signing up doesn’t create the transformation.  Showing up creates the transformation.. 

Can I ask questions and get support? 

Yes of course! We aim not to leave anyone hanging when they need help! We’re in this together.

How long does the Course run for?

This Course is a 10+ Week Program.

When are the Zoom checkins?

Live coaching and teaching will be from 8:30am to 9:45am PST on Tuesdays, starting April 23rd.

How much time should I set aside for the Course?

We suggest that you set aside 3-5 hours per week. 

Still “thinking about it”?

You should give this Course a 7-day free trial, because you can, and you want your life back…

You are here for a reason. There’s a reason you’re on this page, reading these words. While you consider what your reason is, imagine the incredible opportunity have in front of you. This program will show you in 10 weeks what takes many professionals 4 years to learn and master.

BUT, more than that, signing up NOW is showing yourself that you’re truly committed to you, your superpower and your business, and when you commit to that, you’re committing to the life you want, dream of and deserve.

It’s time to step up and get on board.

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8 payments of:


What I really want you to know is that I’ve been on the entrepreneurial journey for over 10 years– a long time! Which means I’ve made a lot of mistakes…

I want you to know that I have been there. Yes, right there, where you are now. I have doubted myself and questioned my decisions until I was blue in the face. Sound familiar?

My first business that is still around is Learn Photography Company – where we’ve had over 5,000 students and operate in 10 cities around the world.

I most recently owned a Digital Marketing agency where we rescued over 100 small businesses and help them scale and grow their clientele on a shoestring budget.

The point is that I’ve had a LOT of business experience and knowledge – and failed more times than I can shake a stick at.  But all those failures turn to lessons and that’s all that really matters. And now, I am so excited to help you elevate your marketing, reach the right clients, and find some real business success!