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20+ Programs worth over $7,000 - This is so huge! Is it too good to be true?

I love hosting the annual "Thanksgiving Feast of Education" and I know you'll love it too! The impact we’ll make together is tremendous. 

Each of the gifts you'll receive have been generously donated by business-growth experts who usually charge for them. That means, if you don't request your gifts from them before the "Feast of Education" is over you'll have to pay $47, 197, $497 or more for them. 

You may be wondering "Why are they doing this? Why ARE they giving away these high-value programs for free?...There must be some catch." 

Straight up...there are 3 main reasons: 

1. They are grateful for their success and want to "pay it forward" during Thanksgiving by contributing, in a generous and meaningful way, to the success of other small business owners (that's you). 

2. When you request any of the gifts, you'll be asked to provide the expert, who provided that gift, with your email address. This is so that they know you want their gift and can follow up with you to provide additional support and information. There's no obligation for you to purchase anything and the gifts are yours to keep...no strings attached. 

3. It's entirely optional but...we're also hoping that you'll be so impressed by the value of the programs you receive at no cost, that you'll be willing to “pay it forward” also and support the other small business owners by sharing this giveaway with them! 

Simply send them to: https://www.lookaheadmarketing.com/feast-of-education2023

It's a beautiful win/win/win. 

You win. The expert who donated the gift wins and...other business owners you know win!

Will the Thanksgiving Feast of Education be extended?

Because each of these gifts normally sells for $47, $197, $497 (and more!), and because LookAheadMarketing.com does not own them (they have been generously donated by 20+ global experts)... 

The Thanksgiving Feast of Education will end on December 3rd at midnight U.S. Pacific time and will NOT be extended.

I know small business owners who would love these gifts! How do I tell them about it?

Telling other small business owners about the great gifts available during the "Feast of Education" is a genius thing to do.

All you have to do is copy and paste this link into an email or message:


We appreciate your support - and they will too!

How long do I have to access or use my gifts?

Provided you request each gift you want before the "Feast of Education" is over - most experts will allow you to access and use their gift without any expiration.

Do I have to get all the gifts offered?

No. You can request as many of the 20+ donated gifts as you like.

Are these gifts really 100% FREE?

Yes. These 20+ gifts are 100% free. 

When you request the gifts you want - you will NOT be asked to pay anything for them. Not a dime. 

However, as many of these gifts are usually available in online stores for a fee PLEASE be sure to note if there is a coupon code you must apply to access the gift. 

Also, once the "Feast of Education" is over...each of these gifts will have a price tag on them again.

What if I’m having trouble accessing the gift?

If you have any trouble accessing a particular gift, simply reach out to the support email or icon displayed on each gift request page to get connected with that expert’s team directly.

That will be the best way to make sure you get access to ALL the gifts you really want before the clock counts down and the “Feast” comes to an end. 


3 Covert Strategies to Make Big Money From Small Lists

Come discover some of the BEST tips that I have used with hundreds of coaches, healers, and online course creators to help them make BIG money even if they have a small list in this on-demand mini-workshop training.

James has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of heart centered entrepreneurs. He has worked hand-in-hand to guide and support these inspiring healers, coaches, authors and speakers to get their inspiring messages out into the world.

 The Buying Emotion Color Wheel

Instant Interactive Access, + Bonus PDF, a $97 Value, FREE for a Limited Time  The Buying Emotion Color Wheel   SIX Feelings That SELL and How to Trigger Them

Top copywriter and marketing consultant, Daniel Levis, shares how to generate leads for that offer that are fired-up and inflamed, using machines that automatically pre-sell and pre-qualify.

As the Founder of Science Of Client-Getting, the place to feed your need for rapid list-building, lead generation and client-getting strategies. He is on a mission to help thousands of independent entrepreneurs get rich acquiring and developing the very best clients in their respective niches.

Storyselling Webinar Blueprint

Grab access to Steve's course for free before it's gone. Steve will show you the largely unknown and amazingly simple way to find your stories… … even if you don’t think you have any (Steve has used this to help complete newbies find, build, and sell using stories)

Over the last 10 years, Steve has gone from failing at holding live events to holding over 41 live events for himself and 23 for his clients. He has spoken on more than 200 stages (including Harvard) and built and critiqued over 370 one to many sales presentations. During covid he pivoted to helping 43 coaches and online entrepreneurs launch webinars during covid with more than 6.8m in sales in the last 24 months

Email Edge 

Online entrepreneurs who want to build an audience for their products and services. Learn how to grow your list, whether you’re just starting out or more experienced.

Ellen Finkelstein started her first website in 1999 as an author platform -- she's written 11 published books with McGraw-Hill and Wiley and self-published 10 e-books, and since then has developed email lists of over 22,000 and a social media audience of over 100,000 -- a lot of that through partnering. Ellen helps entrepreneurs with speaking and writing, and she goes the extra mile to guide them through marketing strategy and technology. 

Use the coupon code "EE100" for 100% off.

How to Deploy Giveaways to Explode Your Client and Prospect List!

Could you use more people in your opt-in list so you can grow your business faster, qualify for more virtual summits with minimum list size requirements or create more impactful joint-venture promotional exchanges with people who have larger lists?  Then it behooves you to rapidly grow your list on a consistent and efficient scale without you having to go out and recruit those new folks one-by-one.  A surefire way to do that is Collaborative Promotional Gift Giveaways. Want to know the secret to making these a constant lead-generation waterfall…with hundreds of new leads each time?   Then grab this powerful eBook How to Deploy Giveaways to Explode Your Client and Prospect List! from Jackie Lapin who has added 10,000+ to her list using Giveaways, and start the flow!

Jackie Lapin’s mission is to help leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and authors find and secure their next clients by getting in front of more audiences faster! Her SpeakerTunity®, The Speaker and Leader Resource Company, has researched hundreds of thousands of speaker lead contacts, and has curated them to meet their needs. Jackie’s SpeakerTunity Member’s Only® program provides leads for live and virtual events and meetings, conferences, podcasts/radio shows/videocasts, virtual summits, TEDx events and more. SpeakerTunity® is the Ultimate Speaker Toolbox, one-stop shopping for the speaker! www.SpeakerTunity.com

Catapult Your Business with Joint Ventures Gift Bundle 

This gift is designed to accelerate your business growth through strategic partnerships and connections in a carefully curated bundle of resources designed to catapult your success. You get THREE powerful tools with just ONE click.

David Riklan is the founder of SelfGrowth.com, one of the top Self Improvement websites on the Internet, receiving over 100 Million unique visitors since it was created. Mark Porteous, The Soul Connector, is a Joint Venture Strategist, Affiliate Concierge, and co-founder of the Soul Affiliate Alliance together they have launched the Premier Joint Venture Searchable Online Directory for the Personal Development Industry!

Free AI eBook: Getting Started Using AI to Grow Your Business

Simplify adding AI to your business. Find out how easy it is to leverage AI to streamline your business processes, reduce costs, and boost efficiency with this actionable eBook guide!

Alex Branning started the Branning Group in December 2000, when he was only 17 years old. Since then, he has helped thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs and is now widely considered one of the leading high-performance marketing coaches in the country. Alex has revolutionized the insurance and real estate marketing sectors with his “Giveaway Funnel” strategy and Agent CRM software. His trainings and advice have been consumed by entrepreneurs worldwide.

Jill Lublin's Publicity Action Guide 

Jill’s Publicity Action Guide gives you: 

  • Tips to capture media attention like newspapers and magazines, radio shows and podcasts.    
  • Hotlists to find the right place to have you and your company or your book be seen     Instructions so easy any team member can do them    
  • Step by step instruction to create a press release that gets noticed    
  • Secret strategies of successful public relations firms  And more!

Jill Lublin is an international speaker, 4x Best-Selling Author and Master Publicity Strategist.  Her latest book, The Profit of Kindness went #1 in four categories. She is CEO of a strategic consulting firm with over 25 years experience working with over 100,000 people plus national and international media.  Jill teaches a virtual Publicity Breakthrough Bootcamp, and speaks all over the world. She also leads a conscious kindness community. 

The LinkedIn15 Program

The LinkedIn15 Program gives you everything from the basic training, all the way to the “secret strategies” you’ll need to know on LinkedIn to turn connections into clients, investing less than 15-minutes a day for 15-days!

Estie Starr can grow any talent, hobby, certification, or skill, into a professional and profitable business. She is the founder and owner of both Strand Consulting and the Better Business School. 

As a business strategist, coach, and consultant in the industry for over 15 years, Estie has logged over 12,500 hours guiding small business owners to success. Typical clients and students will build 6 to 7 figure businesses in under 2 years, working less while earning more.

Selling Your Services

Bob Bly's Selling Your Services program is an incredibly powerful 5-step process that can teach you how to sell more of your services, to more and bigger clients, for larger fees.

Bob Bly is a freelance direct response copywriter with over 4 decades of experience in multichannel marketing. Bob is also the author of over 100 books including The Copywriter’s Handbook and The Digital Marketing Handbook. After years of writing winning copy for clients, Bob launched his own Internet marketing business working only a few hours a month in his spare time. Bob built his online business to over $4,000 a week in net revenues.

Magical Meetup Strategy For A Fast Cash Infusion Mini Course!

Get a flood of new business at your talks without a website, mailing list, or social media following - even if you're just getting started!  Cornelia enrolled 90% of attendees and made $9,000 from her first Meetup workshop with this fun strategy!

Author Cornelia Ward supports spiritual entrepreneurs to bring in a flood of new business at their talks and workshops without a website, mailing list, or social media following.

Overnight Courses: The Quick & Easy Way to Create Courses That Sell Like Crazy!

This detailed 111-page step-by-step PDF guide shares 7 million-dollar info product recipes that are easy to create and consistently attract high value buyers. Discover 5 irresistible title templates, how to find the BIG Idea that sets your course apart, how to price your course for maximum income, how to deliver 10x the value, and how to attract the 5% of hyper-responsives that generate 50% or more of your profits.

Terry Dean has helped thousands of customers and clients earn 6-figure, 7-figure, and even 8-figure incomes by creating their own courses since 1996. One of his earliest claims to fame was earning $96,250 from an email to his list in front of a live audience. Today he coaches online entrepreneurs in numerous niches such as tennis, golf, weight loss, dogs, chiropractic, and more.

Your AI Success Bundle

Your AI Success Bundle is a treasure trove of DFY social media posts, email templates and multiple guides that will walk you through exactly how to harness the massive power of AI (with FREE AI tools) to create profitable income streams quickly!

My passion is helping people create profitable streams of content. My goal is to share what I’ve learned with anybody who needs help navigating the crowded online marketplace and finding their place in it. Each one of my products involves intense research and testing of content creation tools and resources. I make it easy to follow my footsteps every step of your journey, giving you guidance to help you achieve the success you deserve.

Write Your Book in a Flash with Artificial Intelligence - Ethically!

Inside This Information-Rich, Instant-Access PDF Book You Will Discover:  How Artificial Intelligence (AI) solves the #1 problem for writers that otherwise stops them dead in their tracks A simple, step-by-step process for creating your book outline, table of contents, and chapter outlines in minutes (rather than days)

Dan Janal is the author of more than a dozen books, an award-winning daily newspaper reporter and editor, highly engaging empowering speaker, and podcast host of Write Your Book in a Flash.

Dan is passionate about helping people become successful and reach their highest potential. 

Through his hands-on coaching and consulting, dynamic keynotes, workshops, digital training programs, and mastermind groups, Dan helps business owners and leaders discover their own personal power so they can develop customized success systems. 

How to Write Amazing Content 10x Faster With Ai (That Sounds Like You)

This quick-and-easy blueprint shows you how to leverage the power of Ai to write long-form content (like blog posts, emails, etc.) that sound just like you! Discover how to make ChatGPT "copy" your personal writing style, how to make AI writing undetectable – even from the best tools out there, and the 4-step Power Prompt™ Methodology to (easily) publish more content and build your audience faster (get traction fast even as a new writer).

Matt Giaro has been making money full-time on the Internet since 2014. He's created 69+ of his own courses and helped hundreds of customers launch their online businesses. After breaking his back and burning out twice, he's put together unique systems to create attention-grabbing content faster. Today, he helps busy experts monetize their knowledge through online content & enjoy the laidback internet lifestyle.

Simple Compelling Message Masterclass

Clients are drawn to confidence. And it begins with your very first sentence: How you talk about what you do.  Do you sound like everyone else - and you know it? Or do you sound confident and compelling? The Simple Compelling Message Masterclass is a focused, self-guided workshop, designed to ensure that, in just a few hours, you'll be speaking about what you do in a way that makes you stand out.

Dov Gordon helps consultants get ideal clients by becoming “under-the-radar” leaders in their industry. You can find him at ProfitableRelationships.com.

7 Secrets to Reverse Aging Habits in Minutes a Day

In this guide you will learn 7 Secrets to Reverse the Effects of Aging and be able to track your progress.

Deepak Saini guides people to Reverse the Effects of Aging. Having spent many stressed years in the corporate world and overcoming an autoimmune condition, back injury and lifelong battle with obesity. Deepak brings a unique perspective to working with his clients. When not spending time with his family, Deepak is researching and staying at the forefront of emerging and cutting-edge health research. Deepak is a speaker, writer, podcast and summit host and actively working on becoming a Centenarian.

The Ultimate Pricing and Profitability Planner

Do you have a PLAN on how to grow your business? Do you know how many clients you need to breakeven... and then profit from your programs? Are you afraid to raise prices for fear that you lose customers? With the training and tools included in this Planner, you can learn to strategically set prices and goals for your programs and create a plan to scale your business to 6 or 7 figures. Analyze the profitability of your current or proposed programs and offers. Learn how various price increases will affect your bottom line. And create a profitability plan for your business!

Jay Fairbrother is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and mastermind guru with 30 years of experience starting, buying and selling 7-figure businesses. Jay’s story includes losing EVERYTHING after the 2010 financial crisis and rising from the shame to shine as The Mastermind Guy. Jay helps Coaches and Experts with the programs the Six Figure Masterminds Bootcamp and Mastermind Mastery™: Create and Launch Your High-End Mastermind in 60 days.

The How to Convert Strangers Into Subscribers Guide and Checklist

Discover how to convert your ideal clients from your next audience, whether it's a podcast, summit or stage, into an engaged subscriber! Build your list quickly with the right people at the right time with the right message. Use this checklist for at-a-glance support to make sure you have everything you need to support your "free gift" to leverage your next speaking engagement.

Kimberly Weitkamp is the Audience Converter. She works with coaches to transform their marketing chaos into marketing that gets clients.
She helps her clients create their full evergreen marketing needs that fits in their schedule, reflects their authentic self and creates the time freedom they desire…without losing their sanity! Kimberly enjoys helping coaches take their big picture dreams and turn them into a step-by-step action plan that converts.

2024 Business Accelerator Masterclass & Toolkit

Let’s make your 2024 to be your best year yet with the upcoming Business Accelerator Masterclass and 2024 Marketing Plan Template and Toolkit! You'll receive 2 high-content training sessions (with replays), where you will: * Map out your marketing plan for 2024 using Coach Laura’s 2024 Strategic Marketing Plan Template (included too) * Discover how to enhance your content and activity on social media for maximum visibility (without being there all day long) * A List of awesome AI tools to help you increase your creativity, productivity, and visibility.

Laura Rubinstein is an award-winning Social Media and Marketing Strategist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Leadership Coach, speaker, and bestselling author. She has developed branding and business growth strategies for over 1,500 businesses. Laura fuels entrepreneurs' visions through profit-generating strategy sessions, her influencer marketing platform, blog, and boutique marketing agency at TransformToday.com. As a Feminine Power Catalyst, she facilitates retreats and the Ignite Your Feminine Soul program for women visionaries and thought leaders. 

Copywriting Secrets: Write Like a Pro By Stealing These Simple Secrets

Think copywriting is hard? Pros depend on these 7 simple copywriting secrets for every project they work on. Now, I'll reveal the what as well as the how so you can create conversion-worthy copy every time you write.

Teacher. Guide. Simplifier of the complex. Karon Thackston of Marketing Words is devoted to delivering high-value training that empowers online entrepreneurs to entice, engage & earn through blogging, copywriting, passive income, affiliate marketing and more.
Need to write snappy copy that converts? Or free yourself by growing passive income streams? From blogging to bucks, Karon breaks down the process into easily understood steps. And she’ll do it with 100% focus, not fluff!

The Reset: 5-day Business Makeover to Evolve Your Business from Acceptable to Exceptional 

You know it's time to hit the reset button in your business when you feel like you're running a marathon on a hamster wheel everyday and the results you're creating feel.... meh. They're acceptable results, but you're ready for exceptional results. It's time to give your business a makeover and evolve into your next level of entrepreneurship.

TEDx Speaker and award winning business woman Bri Seeley is The Entrepreneur Coach. She works with ambitious female entrepreneurs to evolve the business they have into the freedom-based business they dream of. You know it’s time to work with Bri when you have gone as far as you can with what you know, and it’s time to bring in an expert with 17-years of experience who can take you further than you currently imagine.

Collaboration Currency: How to Tap Into Other People’s Million Dollar Visibility Streams

Finally, speed up your client attraction and lead generation with ideal collaboration partners. Before you commit, use this system to design your Ideal Collaboration Roadmap so you say yes to colleagues and competitors that will accelerate access to more clients, revenue and opportunity.   Your ideal collaboration partners can accelerate your path to adding another 6 - 7 figures to your business this year! Using the included vetting checklist, the Collaboration Currency Roadmap and 3 short on-demand trainings, you can quickly partner up with the right people (and save yourself a ton of lost time and energy by avoiding the wrong ones!)

Melanie Benson, Authority Amplifier & Possibility Ignitor for Expert-preneurs, shows you how to create Million Dollar Visibility. Since 2000, Melanie has a proven track record of accelerating results for her clients (it's not uncommon to see 2-5x revenue increases in the first 6 months.) She’s host of the Top 1.5% Podcast, Amplify Your Success, co-host of Next Level Influence, is author of Rewired for Wealth, and Entrepreneur.com’s Start Up Guide to Starting an Information Marketing Business, and has been featured in Authority Magazine, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Woman’s Day, and Parenting.

Community Temperature Check & Community Boost Mini-Course

This 30 page guide is the temperature check your community needs - Get an understanding of where you are at, and discover the 5 key steps to move from each stage to the next.   PLUS: Join our Community Boost: 3 Day Mini-Course designed to help you engage, motivate & drive impact in your Community. In just 20 minutes a day you will be able to give your Community the boost it needs to start driving profit and impact in your business. 

Having spent the past decade building six and seven figure businesses with Community at the foundation, Jana is on a mission to help you build, sustain and grow your very own empowering and profitable community.

Building Your Soul-Aligned Business Assessment

For Healers, Holistic Practitioners & Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs.  This 5-minute assessment will give you greater clarity on where you are now and what you need to do to move forward in creating a sustainable and soul-aligned business.

Christene Sismondo is a Spiritual Business Strategist & Energy Healer. Her passion is guiding healers, holistic practitioners, and spiritual women entrepreneurs to turn their passions into a sustainable, soul-aligned business.

Stop Saying YES When You Mean NO

Are you an overgiver? Do you say YES when you mean NO? These 3 simple strategies will have you reclaiming your YES for you without the guilt and obligation.

Imagine saying YES to you, without guilt, internal judgement, or societal pressure.

Hello I’m Claudia Braun Holistic Lifestyle & Spiritual coach.

After years of trying to please others– and realizing what I was doing wasn’t working I began to search for a better way. That better way brings you tools and strategies I’ve put together over the last 20+ years. Free of the old programming and others expectations, so you can  have greater peace, fulfillment and flourish.

Learn the 3 strategies that allow you to unapologetically say YES to you and be the priority you need to be with my FREE Download: OWN YOUR YES & YOUR NO.

5 Tips to Keep on Top of Everything!

Would you consider your filing system, calendar, to-do list, email sequences, media files, and all the admin stuff a bit of a dog's breakfast? With these top 5 tips, you can start organizing yourself and your business so you can be efficient, more productive, and keep on top of everything!

Elisa is a Launch Manager and Confidence Coach. Elisa helps coaches launch their programs and events while working with them to set up systems to keep their business organized and running smoothly. Before becoming a coach, she had a 23-year corporate career working in international Fortune 100 & 500 companies as a Technical Program Manager. Therefore it was her job to keep herself and everyone she worked with organized when launching new products or software.