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How to Get Leads, Sales & Credibility

As a Beginner, For Free & Low Tech

How to Get Leads, Sales & Credibility 

There are SO many ways to advertise your business... social media, advertisements, lead magnets, SEO, referral programs... how do you chose which ones is best for you? Or are you someone who has tried them all and is frustrated that they don't work?

You are not alone, James has been there too! He has tried everything until is discovered the secret sauce that changed his business and it can change yours too!

… and the answer isn’t more! More work, more time, more money and more stress? More tactics? This isn’t the answer!

Come join James in his live 60 minute webinar specifically for online coaches and healers who are want more leads, sales and to build their creibility. In this workshop James will guide you through how this one thing transformed his business and it will save you years of frustration.


Inside this Workshop you will:

Learn how to find hundreds of high quality Leads who want to hear from you.

Uncover just how easy it is to find those amazing right fit customers 100% for free.

Start to build your Credibility to become the leader in your field and the go-to expert

This Workshop is PERFECT for you if you are:

An online coach, healer or course creator ready to step up.

Sick of moving from tactic to tactic and want a REAL strategy so you can have an endless flow of customers.

New to the industry, or have problems identifying what the problem is.

This Workshop is NOT for you if:

You are looking for easy answers.

You are not interested in building a long term, amazing and successful business.

You are not a team player.

James Lam

James Lam has worked with hundreds of online coaches, healers, and course creators, and has helped them find successful businesses by creating their business around their unique gifts and personalities. Before starting LAM, he was in the corporate world, and then he started several companies, including a digital marketing agency. 

He had some successes and some failures, which is why he knows how important it is to learn from mistakes to become successful.

James was motivated to start LAM to help early stage entrepreneurs learn from what he had done right, and what he had learned and gained from mistakes, so that they could move forward on the path to success with their businesses.