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Do you try to know them all? If you answered ’NO” – good for you! Let me say this as clearly as I can:

Your marketing should reflect none other than YOU

You see – the last blog post I did was about the fact that YOU MATTER. Yes – you still matter (newsflash: and will continue to matter 100% hopefully for a long, long time!), so your marketing should really and truly be an extension of the person you are because (let’s face it) the business is an extension of you.
So be true to who you are.

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What are you? Are you a…

  • Fun, connected entrepreneur ready to explore the world?

  • Analytical introvert who thrives on understanding data and details?

  • Empathetic leader who carries compassion through all areas of life?

  • Lone wolf who craves challenge and excitement?

  • Inspiring, confident business owner who aspires to mentor the next generation?

    The best part of using marketing that reflects you is that it’s easy. Let me repeat that: it’s EASY. That’s right – difficult and complex does not make it better. I’ve coached dozens and dozens of people into their own power using their voice and 99.9% of the time (there is always that 0.01% isn’t there), they choose simple, but incredibly effective marketing campaigns that are truly an extension of them.

    Let me say this again: choose marketing that reflects you. It should be easy.

    Here’s an example. For many years I owned an advertising firm. It was (not) fun. However, there were some amazing learnings out of this.

    Simplicity is best for ads almost all the time (our single image ad with one simple image WAY outperformed our carousel or even video ad)

    Complex does not equal better. When we didn’t achieve good results for clients, I always went more complex. That was a HUGE ERROR in the fact that many, many hours and many, many dollars were fed into a machine that was too complex to work.

    In fact, the best campaigns always were simple, effective and AUTHENTIC.

    So team: Remember that: YOU MATTER. You reflect the business and hence your marketing should reflect the business (i.e. you). Keep it simple, and around what YOU want to do.

    With gratitude,

    • James

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