Welcome to 

Don’t Shoot the Messaging Workshop

The “Don’t Shoot the Messaging Workshop” (as the name implies) is ALL ABOUT MESSAGING!

Do you stumble over you words?

Do you dread networking events because you struggle to convey the value you deliver?

This is a FULL DAY Live Training with pragmatic exercises so that you can take ANY of your products and immediately convey the value of them to your audience, either written or spoken!

Don’t Shoot the Messaging Workshop - happening on Zoom

on Tuesday March 26th 2024 from 9-4pm PST 

Here's what you will accomplish

Speak about what you do with confidence and ease.

Share the depths of your wisdom on any platform

Have written statements that you can simply copy and paste for summits, giveaways, podcasts, stages and many more.

  • The complete LIVE hands - on The Don’t Shoot the Messaging Workshop! (Tuesday March 26th 9am PDT – 4pm PDT) ***100% WITH JAMES*** on zoom
  • Emphasis on DOING and CREATION
  • LAM certified coaches - 1:4 ratio! #BOSSCOACHES
  • Lifetime Access to the recordings!
  •  Small breakout rooms

My names is James and I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of heart centered entrepreneurs. I work hand-in-hand to guide and support these inspiring healers, coaches, authors and speakers to get their inspiring messages out into the world.

Come and join me at this event, and let’s transform YOUR business to the amazing success you know it can be.