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One of the biggest jumps as an Entrepreneur that you’re going to have to make is moving from comfort THROUGH FEAR and into LEARNING.

It it scary? 100%! And is it worth it? 1000%

Earlier this year I was well entrenched in a business that I grew successfully to hate. Yes – I can say that now and selling it was the best thing to happen to me – why? Because it forced me out of excuses. Out of trading time for dollars and making everybody else happy.

Yes – selling the business that I hated so much forced me to move out of comfort, and beyond fear.

I’m here to tell you that it is worth it. It sucks sometimes and I have slips once in a while, but let’s set our goals in 2021 to try something, anything to move and Find Purpose and Live Your Dreams.

Here’s to your You, Your Unique Superpower, and Your Superpowered Business.


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