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3 Powerful Secrets to Make Big Money From Small Lists

FREE Workshop

for Coaches, Healers and Course Creators

This Masterclass is designed for coaches who are starting, or having a difficult time regularly and continuously monetizing their list.

Dates: April 4th, 9th, 10th & 11th 2024

Cost: FREE

Under $50

Market Plan Creation Camp 

This On-Demand mini course for just $7, where together we are creating goals that are actually achievable, the step-by-step plan to get there and the clarity and strategy to finally make this your best year ever!


Cost: $7

Under $100

Courage to Launch

The premier networking event for healers and coaches ready to LAUNCH themselves into a prosperous future. Centered around joint venture launches, this not-to-be missed draws hundreds of heart-centered Entrepreneurs from around the world with the simple belief that we are “better together”

Dates: July 17-19 2024

Cost: $97

Don't Shoot the Messaging Workshop

This Full Day Live Training with pragmatic exercises so that you can take ANY of your products and immediately convey the value of them to your audience, either written or spoken!

Dates: March 26 2024 

Cost: $97