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Superpowered Launch Success

SLS is the only program to show you how to take leads, and step by step turn them into superhero customers... en masse!

You learn to control the taps → create your signature list building event, have your own amazing audience who adore you for you, sell products that fit around your schedule and JV
like a champ.

Build your life like a boss.

Every. Single. Component of my business — every launch, every event I’ve ever done. All the wisdom with guidance on avoiding the pitfalls…
it’s all in there.

The last program you will need
until you hit $2 million.

It’s time to up-level your knowledge,
understanding AND success

A Look Inside The Program...


The heart of ANY BUSINESS is being able to find LEADS. 

• Build your OWN amazing showcasing assets (summit, giveaway, podcast, etc.) and intentionally use it to build your list every year.

• JV like a boss → find hundreds of potential partners and know how to approach them and how to get them to mail* (85%)

Short Story: 
GOAL: Be like Bret and get 4K on your list in 12 months

VALUE: $20,000


Get them to show and ADORE you 

• Use strategic mechanisms in the right sequence to have people show up excited with their camera on. (10% → 44%)*

• Build a bridge with your customer even BEFORE they show up… have them select IN with you

Short Story:
More people showing up more excited to hear from you!

VALUE: $5,000


The heart of SLS → build a money-printing machine that outputs $$$ every time you put opt-ins in it.

• Convert every time (1/6).

• Small, medium and large module formats.

• Slide-by-slide with all previous recordings available.

• Each PowerPoint presentation provided to you together with scripting.

Short Story: 
Start with a successful base and make this your OWN!

VALUE: $35,000


Sales doesn’t have to suck! 

• A systematized process that moves your customers along in a way that suits BOTH of you!

• Bonuses and a structure that actually work.

• Mental and spiritual shift around YOUR worth!

Short Story: 
Stand in your power. You deserve success.

VALUE: $10,000


You are now part of an elite group of Entrepreneurs committed to building something truly special.

• Create cash flow that lasts the ENTIRE year.

• 42% close rate for THOUSANDS each month.

• Repeatable for YOU!

Short Story: 
Life like a boss.

VALUE: $15,000

TOTAL VALUE: $85,000

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$497 Deposit Due Today.

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INSTANT ACCESS to Unlimited Masterminding with James.


$897 / month for 12 months

$497 Deposit Due Today.

$2000 Deposit by December 28th, 2023

Payments commence 30 days from initial deposit.

Access to Unlimited Masterminding with James commences once all payments have been completed.



All programs I have ever run or ANY standard program
I will ever run or create... yours for free


Lifetime Free Mastermind support from James


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The Logistics

TIMING: 90-minute sessions on Tuesdays at 12:00 pm Pacific Time starting January 9, facilitated 100% by James.

:: Three weeks per month ::
Education + Implementation  |  Personal Development  |  Masterminding 

PLUS: 4 x 20-minute Laser-Focused 1:1 sessions with James.

PLUS: Unlimited VIP messenger/text support.

PLUS: Weekly Office Hours with James & Christene on Thursdays at 12:30pm Pacific Time for 1 hour.

PLUS: Pre-recorded videos for MORE detail.  20+ hours of detail-oriented step-by-step resources. Included are case studies, templates, and the content of EVERYTHING that we’ve ever run.

2024 Is Your Year To Shine

Superpowered Launch Success
is the program to get you there.