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Dream Big Giveaway

The Journey To Your First 100K

June 2023

20+ INCREDIBLE Free Gifts PLUS, James' signature 90 minute Workshop: Sell More With Less. 

Truly, what could be better? Join the DREAM BIG GIVEAWAY and hear from industry leaders on topics ranging from sales, to marketing, healing to coaching. PLUS, you're invited to join James' upcoming signature Workshop: Sell MORE with LESS. This FREE 90 minute workshop is the place for you if you're on your way to making your first $100K.

Journey To Your 1st 100K In Business

For Online Coaches, Healers & Course Creators

Have you been struggling to move the revenue needle in your business? 

You work hard, you have a great product, clients like you but… you are stuck!

The Dream Big Giveaway is for healers, online coaches, and course creators who know they are meant for more but just don’t know how to get there.

Sign up to receive 20+ FREE GIFTS from world-class experts who share their expertise to help you on your journey to your first $100k and join James' FREE 90 Minute WORKSHOP: Sell More With Less.

Get unstuck, see new opportunities, adopt new strategies, and start your journey to making YOUR Big Dream a reality!


What You Will Learn From Your FREE GIFTS:

How to take bold action to turn your dreams into a reality

How to overcome the biggest challenges to the first $100k

Where to find right-fit clients who will invest with YOU

Meet Some Of Our Givers

Jackie Simmons

transformational coach


39 Ways to Prosperity

Mark Stern

custom experience designer


Start Here: The Five Essential Elements to Optimize Customer Experience

Lorraine Scott

introvert mentor


Be Natural At Networking

Purvi Shah

brand designer


5 steps to become a sales magnet 

Jay Fairbrother

the mastermind guy


The Mastermind Readiness Scorecard

Jennie Bellinger

Podcast dominator



Catharine O'Leary

The Quiz queen


Unleash your client attraction potential and conquer your #1 blindspot!

Janelle Anderson



5 Keys to Transform Self-Doubt to Fearless Confidence

Estie Starr

business consulting


3-Day Marketing Success Challenge

Monika Becker

Leadership alignment coach


Back to Your Nature! ~ 5 Powerful Leadership Lessons from Mother Nature

Suzanne Evans

Digital Creator


Inspired Speaker Live! 

Daniel Levis

Marketing StrategiesT & Copywrighter


AUTOMATED CLIENT ATTRACTION - How Rich Coaches, Consultants, Advisors, Agencies, Service Pros and Solution Providers are Signing Dream Clients Now

Dr Michele Gunderson

Breakthrough Story Expert


7 Quick Tips for Crafting an Inspiring Story that Sells

Michaela Jones

Holistic Health Practitioner


5 Strategies To Fight Chronic Inflammation

Sean Stewart



The Hybrid Group Program Launch Checklist

Karen Dyrenforth

Financial Confidence Coach


Increase Your Financial Confidence and Boost Your Revenue in 5 Simple Steps

Carson Cooper

Genius unlocked coaching


Unlock Your Coaching Genius 

And of course, JAMES LAM

James Lam is the marketing strategist and business coach extraordinary, and of course, the brains behind LAM - Look Ahead Marketing (yes, it's an acronym of his last name!). During the Giveaway, James will be sharing his SELL MORE WITH LESS Signature Workshop FOR FREE - with you. Sign up for the Giveaway today to connect with dozens of industry leaders, AND join this incredible Workshop.

Imagine yourself a year from now...

Your business has taken off and you have reached that big dream of making $100k.

What would that mean for your business, your family, your future?

If this is YOUR DREAM, then join us this June for this FREE and transformational Giveaway!

James Lam

James Lam has worked with hundreds of heart-centered Entrepreneurs, online coaches, healers and course creators. He’s the real deal when it comes to supporting dreamers to create a successful, profitable and rewarding business they can call their very own.

It all begins with an idea.

Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.